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I’m forever grateful to my friend for referring me to Dr. Chen. After my work injury, the herniated disc caused such bad sciatica that I could hardly walk and had to use a cane. After two weeks of acupuncture, cupping and Chinese herb medicines, I was able to stop using the cane. When I come in for treatment, Dr. Chen asks what health issues I had since my last visit and he adjusts the treatment accordingly. Dr. Chen has helped me regain my health and I would definitely recommend him!

— J.N.


This is the first acupuncture that I have had remarkable improvement. I have less pain in my legs and better circulation. Dr. Chen uses a combination of acupuncture, electric acupuncture (low frequency) acupressure along with suction cups and massage therapy to get this effect. I would recommend Dr. Chen to anyone having poor circulation and pain in the legs.

— Angie


Dr. Chen was recommended to me by a business associate in May, 2006. I had been diagnosed with frozen shoulder syndrome, had a variety of unsuccessful conventional treatments, and was scheduled for surgery in June. Tired of the chronic pain and loss of shoulder function yet uncomfortable with the idea of surgery, I was eager to try a new approach and scheduled my first appointment. I felt such relief and hope after my first treatment that I cancelled my upcoming surgery. With continued therapy, by August I had no pain and a complete return of shoulder motion. I continue to see Dr. Chen for general “tune-ups” as needed and always appreciate his kindness, caring and professionalism.

— V.P.


In the last 10 years, I went through many traumatic experiences: being laid off from my job as a Payroll Analyst, a major car accident, and breast cancer for which I went through intense chemotherapy. Even though I have been a cancer survivor since 2010, but the ongoing battles with health issues due to the side effects of chemo pushed me into a deep depression.  I had some severe episodes. It was at this point, a good friend of mine whose husband was a patient of Dr. Chen’s some years back recommended Dr. Chen to me.

I was apprehensive before going to see Dr. Chen as I had never had acupuncture treatments before. When I saw Dr. Chen for the first time, his warm greeting and down to earth manner put me at ease right away. He spent quite a long time listening to my story. He paid attention to my medical and prescription drug histories. After analyzing all my issues, he proceeded with his treatments. He used various combinations of Acupuncture, Tuina, Cupping and Chinese herbal medicine. They were so soothing that I felt my body and mind responding to his treatments and began to relax after a few sessions.

Beginning in September, 2012, Dr. Chen saw me weekly at first and later every two weeks. Now it is February 2013, I feel like a different person. I have a new look on life with hope which I had not had for a long time.

Dr. Chen is a highly skilled physician who has compassion for his patients. I put my total trust in him as he has turned my life around for me.

— Xiao-Fei


The pounds crept on and I needed to change my lifestyle. I craved fast food with no exercise because of the weight, aches and pain. Dr Chen gave me the will power to change my attitude towards food and my body. My aches and pains have disappeared. I feel renewed, energized and feel better than ever through acupuncture.

— K.H.